2016 Resolutions Review

To be honest, majority if not all of my year resolutions had to do with spiritual growth. So I would like to take the time to review those goals and hopefully figure out how I can improve in the future.

  1. Read the Whole Bible
    • DONE! Following the Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System
  2. Read a Book every Two Months
    • The books that I managed to cover were “Out With Doubt”, “A Matter of Fact”, “Muscle and Shovel”, “Woman After God’s Own Heart”, “Sex is Not the Problem (Lust Is)”, “Beyond the Daughters of Sarah”. I was supposed to finish up “Churches in the shape of the New Testament”, however I am currently in the midst of reading. But that’s a 90% completion. 
  3. Share a Devotion 
    • I shared my very first devotion on “Sacrifice” to the ladies of S17 CoC. 
    • It was my very first time teaching a group of people publically. 
    • Hopefully not my last. 🙂
  4. Finish Two Bible Correspondent Courses
    • In the end, I only managed to finish one.
    • This is something I definitely could have done better with more discipline in my time management and passing up my papers on time. 
  5. Study the Book of Corinthians
    • In the end, I only managed to finish thorough study of 6 chapters of the book. 
    • It was also due to the fact that in the second half of the year, we stopped doing lessons on 1 Corinthians and we cancelled our 1 Corinthians quiz. 
  6. Finish at least 2 Bible Projects with my Boyfriend
    • We finished one of the projects which is “Watching the Song of Solomon Series taught by Patrick Swayne”. It was a 10 part video series on the lessons we can learn from the book of Song of Solomon. It’s a wonderful series on the topic of dating and marriage, taught by a wonderful brother in Christ. 
    • We are also in the midst of our second project which is “Teacher-Student Project”. (very creative, I know). Which is basically training me to teach prospects, where I will act as a teacher, in which I have to prepare 1 hour lessons for my boyfriend who acts as a student. Sometimes he may act very difficult, sometimes he may act very odd, sometimes he may act very obedient. Its basically a simulation project. There is a long range of series of lessons we planned, and to be completely honest, I have only taught one lesson so far, but prepared/midst of preparing two more. It’s a very long way to go, and it’s very dependent on me. 
  7. Memorize 200 Verses
    • Only managed to memorize 38 verses 
    • This was admittedly quite a disappointment to me because the year before I managed to memorize 100. 
    • It’s definitely due to the lack of discipline on my part.
  8. Teach a Ladies Class
    • I have not done this yet 
    • Although the plan I assumed was I was going to teach a ladies class on the topic of “Reverence”, due to the series a sister in Christ was teaching. However, due to circumstances, the series came to a cease and I did not take the initative to teach anyway. 
    • This is actually very different from devotions, because a lesson can be as long as one hour, however, a devotion is only 30 minutes. 
  9. Watch Kent Hovind Videos
    • Did not even start 
  10. Thorough Study on Dr Mark’s Lessons on Grace
    • Did not even start 

In conclusion, I only managed to complete 3/10 of my Spiritual Resolutions. However, I will say that eventhough I did not reach the moon, I managed to hit the stars. Despite the lack of achievements that I’ve done, I also still feel that I have definitely grown so much more spiritually in comparison to the year before. In comparison to the year before, I attended alot of camps, lectureships, extra Bible Classes as well as attending Four Seas Bible College for 2 weeks (the amount of information you learn in 2 weeks in Four Seas is equivalent to 2 months of studying on my own), however I believe that this year is very dependent on my own initiatives, and I managed to kick myself to grow on my own.

Extra things I’ve done in relation to my spiritual growth of 2016:

  •  Organize a church event with three other devoted church members – Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships
  • Managed to gain my first prospects for Bible study
  • Attended and sat in Sunday School for the first time
  • Grew closer in relationship to people in the church
  • Writing devotions online for Kota Kemuning Church of Christ
  • Started a Bible Reading Whatsapp Group (which kinda failed in the end, but at least I did start it!)
  • Brought a friend to church

In 2017, I hope to keep growing more spiritually. I am so blessed that God has watched over me through my growth, and made me go through all that I needed to go through, to be ready for all that I need to be ready for to work in His Kingdom.


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