Malaysian Occupational Therapy

Hello! Sorry for the lack of update! I’ve been pretty busy lately. Even though I promised myself I would write more during my holidays. I was pretty busy during my holidays. I volunteered for National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) as well as for the ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017. There is actually so much I want to say about the experience, and so much I want to reflect and write about, however, as I have been sick for the past two days with a viral fever, I have some serious catch up I need to do on my studies. So I’m here to share with you guys my welcome present to one of my OT friends!

I did a personal project during the holidays as a gift for one of my friends in Australia who is also studying OT. What I did was take OT quotes and plastered on some photos (which I took myself) to give it some Malaysian flare (she’s Australian, and I’m Malaysian, so it wouldn’t be a souvenir if it didnt have Malaysian flare.)

I typically thought that this sort of “pasar” feel is foreign in Australia. I took this picture in the TTDI Pasar. The way she’s focusing on what’s she’s writing really brings the attention to her hands, so I thought this quote was a pretty good fit. Quote by Mary Reilly, 1962.
This quote was actually inspired by a blog that I absolutely love dedicated to the usage of tea in occupational therapy. It is absolutely amazing. Go check it out. In my personal opinion, a cup of tea means so much in occupational therapy, and it acts as such a common assessment. Also, what is more Malaysian than a marble table and some teh tarik.
This quote’s source is slightly confusing. So I will link it here. However, it is generally known as a Chinese proverb. I am honestly inspired by this quote by a T-shirt design by the Singapore Institute of Technology’s OT students. I believe this quote sums up OT so well, in the advocacy of independence for life. Nasi Lemak is also a Malaysian must, and it has to do with food, and food has to do with feeding. It connects okay.
Typical quote you here. Just with some pun humor. For those who dont know “P” represents Parking, and “Bayar” means Pay. Malay is typically Malaysian thing too. So why not.
I went into a shop with my parents, and I loved the tightness and small corners, and I thought you wouldnt have these kind of shops in Australia. (I may be wrong!) However, Malaysian price tag ! I love this quote by Hellen Keller. It’s very applicable to many things and not just OT. However in OT as well we have to focus on the small things, like increasing your range of motions of your fingers, then later on you get to hold a pencil, then you learn to write, but you must conquer the little things first. I related this quote to the screwdrivers on the right, they are so little, but they are insanely important in life.

That’s the few of them. I actually had so much fun in this project. Occupational Therapy quotes with a twist of Malaysian flare. Credit goes to my younger sister for editing the photos for me.


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