“Creating Urban Happiness” – health & living by AIA Vitality Event

Starting out your morning at 6.00am in the morning, to go for a health talk discussing about “Creating Urban Happiness” at Health and Living by AIA Vitality at Sime Darby Convention Centre bought by BFM (The Business Station) 89.9.

I think I’ll start out by saying I was extremely disappointed that I did not get the chance to bring out my camera, so you might have to bear with me and my sub-par pictures that I took with my camera phone and via WhatsApp photos quality.


I volunteered to help out Malaysia Healthy Ageing Society with their booth for the particular talk. So the morning was pretty much setting up the booth, having breakfast with my course mates, and getting briefed about what to do.


Next was basically repeating the same script over and over and over and over again to people of all walks of life, promoting the ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017.

“Hi! Could you spare a few minutes to hear about our conference? We’re having an ASEAN level conference, and even though it’s ASEAN level, we have international speakers coming from the USA, Japan, Philippines, talking about a wide range and variety of topics! Sexual education for the elderly, laws to protect you, financial management, exercising, maintaining healthy body, or preventing neuro degeneration! If you’re a student or you know any students, we’re also calling for papers, and if you qualify, you can try to get the Young Investigator Award where if you’re eligible and receive the reward, you can have your registration fees weaved as well as travel expenses subsidized!” 

So putting on my best professional smile, and professional voice and walking about crowds to promote the event! It was generally very entertaining. I got to practice my speaking skills and articulation, rapport building, and being as thick-ed faced as possible to approach just about anyone who moves. I also had to endure being rejected a few times when people either walked pass me, or said “no not interested”.

I think the most entertaining speech was when I was speaking to someone so enthusiastically about the conference, then I was showing him the speakers, and he was like “wow! that’s my name!”, then a few people around me started laughing and explained to me that he was not only one of the speakers, but one of the committee members of the ageing society planning event, and my future lecturer. All I said was “….. so……. did I promote the conference well enough?”

You can check out the program of the event here, and take a look at all the wondering and amazing speakers that spoke.


So it was designed in such as way that allowed a lot of discussion and question taking (which I took full advantage of).

I learned so much from the talks and it was so entertaining to be part of. It was not one of those serious lecture, of symposium form, but this was more of a “talk-show” type of feel, with a live audience.

And true to what I wrote, I absolutely love advocating occupational therapy every chance I got.


Every time someone took my question, it gave me the chance to say “Hi! My name is Annabelle, and I’m an Occupational Therapy Student, I’d like to ask about …. ” and I was so excited for some people to come up to me talk about occupational therapy. Some came up to me saying

“hey my sister’s an occupational therapist!”

“I love occupational therapy, if I could choose my life all over, I would seriously do occupational therapy”

“So tell me what occupational therapy is about?”


Overall, it was a great talk where I learned so much. There are multiple booths from organisations whom I respect so much such as BeFrienders Kuala Lumpur, Maaysian Mental Health Association, Alzheimer Disease Foundation Malaysia, Malaysia Society of Clinical Psychology and Persiaran Parkinson Malaysia, (do check all these organisations out on facebook to be updated on their events and conferences!) where I got to share ideas, and talk about the common goal of improving the well being of people.


There was also free health screenings, as well as lucky draws.


I got to bring home a little something!

Thank you to AIA Company, Sime Darby Properties and BFM Radio Station for the wonderful talk, as well as Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society for the chance to be part of this wonderful experience.


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