Training Chopsticks Manual

This is the most amount of work I’ve done for something that is barely graded in my subject. But because I’m so proud of the end product, and the amount of independence in making this, that I wanted to put it up here.

As well as walk through the process:



I got my very helpful boyfriend to model for me


2.Drawing the picture

I actually first drew it in broad pencil, later on outlining it with an outline pen. Followed by erasing all the pencil marks.


3.Scanning the product 


4.Editing it on photoshop 

I generally get my two amazing sisters to do anything for me when it comes to digital products. So yes. Most of my digitalized designs, I would say ALOT would be credited to my sisters. Who are masters at the photoshop and illustrator game. But this time I managed to handle it on my own! Which is a huge stride for me. Anyway, I used color range, selected the whites, and deleted the whites, followed by increasing the black and white levels, sometimes I would do minimal clean up with eraser and cloning tools, lastly saving as PNG transparent file. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but I felt this was the most simple and “cleanest” so to speak.


5.Arranging it and designing it on 

So repeat this process. I then chose a template on canva, uploaded all my PNG files and designed this. I also love having PNG files because I can use it on my presentation slides regardless of the background.



Hehe! Despite the marks and the amount of time to do this (literally a whole day), I think I loved making this. Generally because I learned alot of new skills. Even if you find “training chopsticks” of not a great importance, you can use these tips for other drawings. I was very inspired by one of the books a friend of mine just bought “Occupational Therapy Toolkit” that is filled with pictures like these. And trust me, when you’re in a country that speaks many languages, pictures are the way to go.


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